February 24, 2021

When cybersecurity companies are being hacked

2020 ended with what has been called the biggest cyberattack of the year. A number of international cybersecurity companies fell victim. It’s unfortunate to say, but such an attack was expected. Happily, it’s not the end of the world.In 2020, hackers attacked the SolarWinds IT company and deployed malicious updates on the Orion platform, which helps organizations centrally manage their networks, IT systems, and infrastructure. As a result, lots of SolarWinds clients installed a compromised version of the Orion platform and unknowingly let hackers penetrate their networks.SolarWinds clients include more than 400 companies from the Fortune 500 list along with banks, healthcare facilities,...
January 11, 2021

Three trends in cybersecurity in 2021

Based on hands-on experience in constant dealing with cyber threats, ISSP’s experts identified the trends in cybersecurity in 2021.
December 19, 2020

Media about us: A recognition from CUTIS Project

Funded by the Federal government, CUTIS Project determined ISSP Canada as one of the successful graduates of the program. Below is the story published on the CUTIS’ website.
November 30, 2020

What if some of your computers survive a cyberattack?

Imagine that your organization becomes the victim of a cyberattack that paralyzes your information systems. Your IT and security departments work hard to bring the damaged infrastructure back to life and discover that around 10% of your computers were unaffected. They might sigh in relief assuming there’s less work to do to mitigate the consequences of the attack. But this is where they can be totally wrong…
November 9, 2020

ISSP highlighted at Canadian Meetup @ IT Arena 2020

The Embassy of Canada to Ukraine and Trade Commissioner Service in partnership with the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce (CUCC) and the Canada-Ukraine Trade and Investment Support (CUTIS) Project organized a Canadian Meetup @ IT Arena 2020 event in Ukraine on October 10th. 
October 5, 2020

Boost your cyber hygiene during Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The importance of cybersecurity has dramatically increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, and today, cybercrimes can harm not only financial and informational assets but human lives. That is why it’s crucial to know about potential threats and be able to properly respond to them.
August 16, 2020

ISSP Starts Operations in Canada

Information Systems Security Partners (ISSP), the international cybersecurity company called “the go-to firm for the victims of Ukraine’s cyberwar” by Wired, has opened its offices in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. After nearly two years of market research and preparations in developing local capabilities, the company has started its operations in North America and is ready to offer advanced managed security services to organizations of all sizes within every sector in Canada.
June 26, 2020

A Cybersecure Way to Return to the Office after Lockdown

When the coronavirus pandemic started and companies sent their employees to work from home, it gave hackers new opportunities to penetrate corporate networks. Information security services in many organizations faced new threats as staff left the protected perimeter. Now that governments worldwide are gradually lifting restrictions and employees are starting to return to their offices, additional opportunities arise for hackers and security departments are in for new challenges.  
March 19, 2020

ISSP Continues Operations in Face of COVID-19 Epidemic

Dear Customers and Partners, In the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, we want to assure you that the ISSP team continues to operate in accordance with our emergency action plan and maintains the highest level of protection and security of your company's information networks and systems. Despite the likelihood of increasing number of cyberattacks (APT and phishing attacks), all ISSP services are fully operational, and we continue to provide you with the highest quality services. ISSP has been developing Managed Security Services since 2015, and we are fully prepared to work in extreme situations, and provide cybersecurity consulting, technical support, cybersecurity monitoring and incident...
February 10, 2020

SOC for Small & Medium Size Businesses

Cyberattacks Against Small Companies Are Becoming More Targeted Preventing cyberattacks and protecting your perimeter are no longer effective cybersecurity strategies for organizations of every size and in every industry. The scale of cyberattacks — and their sheer number — is making a defensive posture unsustainable. For this reason, a fundamental shift is happening in cyber security away from threat prevention to detection. According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2018 State of Cybersecurity in Small & Medium Size Businesses report, 67% of companies experienced a cyberattack and data breach in the past 12 months. According to these companies, the biggest problems they face are not having the...
October 30, 2019

Cyberattack on Georgian Websites Explained

On Monday, October 28, several thousand websites in Georgia, including the sites for various government agencies, banks, courts, local newspapers, and TV stations were defaced and inaccessible as a result of a cyberattack. The President’s official website displayed an image of former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, with the text "I'll be back" overlaid on top. The websites defacing happened after hackers breached Pro-Service, a local web hosting provider and took down the affected websites. “As we can see, this was not a coordinated massive attack on many targets but a breach of one web hosting provider infrastructure. This is one more example of a supply-chain attack,” – says...
September 4, 2019

ISSP Presents at National Asset-Liability Management Asia Conference

On 5 September Oleksander Sirotin, Critical Infrastructure Program Manager, ISSP, will present at the National Asset-Liability Management Asia conference in Singapore that brings together professionals from market operations, foreign exchange reserves, financial markets and monetary operations across the globe. Oleksander will speak about understanding the risk of banking in the age of cyber crime and will share the latest methods and evolution of financial fraud as well as efficient tools for fraud prevention and compromise assessment in complex financial institutions. “The conference in Singapore will cover many financial issues but there is one thing that inspires me most and it is the...
August 14, 2019

Two Years After NotPetya. Cyberattacks Don't Stop for a Moment

Two years ago, Ukraine suffered from NotPetya - a cyberattack that WIRED named 'the most devastating cyberattack in history'. The culmination of that attack on 27 June 2017 wiped about 10 percent of computers in Ukraine. There were no attacks of similar magnitude in the world afterward, and you may be asking yourself: what does this silence mean? Have cyberattacks on Ukraine stopped? Have Ukrainians learned to protect and defend themselves better? What are the attackers doing now? In 2017, after multiple shreds of evidence of repetitive coordinated cyberattacks on Ukraine, including those presented by ISSP, were carefully studied by Ukrainian and international actors the world finally...
June 27, 2019

ISSP Chairman Oleh Derevianko Spoke at Behind the Digital Curtain Conference in Brussels

On Tuesday Oleh Derevianko, Chairman of the Board of ISSP, participated at the Behind the Digital Curtain conference in Brussels, arranged by Promote Ukraine, and shared his vision of the biggest priorities for minimization of cyber threats in the world where all things are hackable. The conference brought together experts in the fields of cyber security, politics and civil society from Ukraine and different European countries who discussed what can potential cyber impact on the elections in Ukraine and in Europe be, whether governments and private companies are likely to discover and attribute cyber operations, what the vulnerabilities of internet of things and devices that control...
May 20, 2019

Case Study Ukraine: A Look at the Laboratory for Cyber War Presented at Berlin CyberSecurityForum

On May 16-17 Oleh Derevianko, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of ISSP, participated at The Aspen Institute Germany's Berlin CyberSecurityForum where he spoke at the opening panel discussion about the Great Cyber Game as well as delivered one hour break-out session entitled „Case Study – Ukraine: A Look at the Laboratory for Cyber War“. The forum brought together more than 250 European, American and international top policymakers, legislators, engineers, hackers, civil society, academics and representatives of the business, privacy and security communities.